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S T U D I O  E F F E C T S

Photography & Graphic Design have created a child of love by the name of Studio Effects.
For visual artist & strategist Tristan Q. Richardson, this is more than just a career; it's a lifestyle. "I breathe, eat, & crap creativity."
​Tristan was recognized early in his career for leading the field during His management of a national portrait studio chain, yet, understanding that
perception is everything, He sought to portray a more in depth & imaginative view of life. Thus, Studio Effects was birthed. Although He started
​with film, He now mixes digital photography & graphic design-illustration to bring the world into a unique perspective. With an abundance of early
supporting clients, including Mitsubishi, Hyundai, various publications, & a international coffee table book when He was only 20, Tristan
continues to help individuals & businesses craft & express their ideas, emotions, & experiences throughout the nation.

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"I've heard it said that, "Art" imitates life.
After careful consideration, I believe life itself imitates imagination--& that is where I draw inspiration from.
Even the very device your using to currently view this, is a product of the mind..."
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weary of touching anything in stores unless I know I'm buying it! Thanks mom!!!
Mom & Dad
"The Artist & The Engineer"
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"I have a theory I live by; That which can be thought, can be done... Together, what can we not accomplish?"
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"Today, is going to be the best day of my life.  Today, I fell in love with myself & my purpose.  Today, I fell in love with creation"

"Check out that cute bundle of joy to the left! Charming,
isn't he? Hailing from the U.S. Virgin Islands with a Danish
mother & a British father, I was born at a time of worldwide
revolution. Being ia military family, I had the privilege at an
early age to travel the world that was, & still is, rich in culture,
diversity, & innovation. I remember my unique up bringing
very well ; Science kits & building things with my father, arts
& crafts with my mother, vintage video games & sports with
siblings & friends. I also remember early European mornings,
Nutella & crumpets while soldiers escort mother & I on
errands through Germany; The sound of cobblestone under 
our feet when we were in Switzerland. I'll never forget my
first time in Turkey ; My mother told me & my sisters not to touch anything in the stores, for if we were accused of attempted thievery, our hands would be chopped off. To this day, I am still very

"Life is a journey; join me while I take the scenic route."
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"I will personally update this site periodically,
so be sure to check back frequently for new work, behind the scenes, contest & more...
Below, are a series of kind words from wonderful people around the world.
Kind words always help motivate me on my on my path of progression.
Thank you!!!"
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Have kind words of your own you wish to leave?
Drop it in the contact box or like Studio Effects on Facebook.
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"Plan for success in excess, laugh everyday, & love everything & everyone that stands for progression of all life!"